Monday, May 21, 2007

Ah! Movies the way I remember them ...

If you're as old as me, then you remember what movies were like when the first came out (right after the earth finished cooling).

Sunday, May 13, 2007

See you at 360|Flex in August

Apparently there is a bit of interest in pointless app development. I'll be presenting DryerFox at the upcoming 360|Flex conference in Seattle.

And while presenting is a nice boost for my ego, what I really hope to accomplish is:

  1. Stimulate discussion for the creative use of the WebKit HTML control.

  2. Encourage other Flex or Apollo n00bs to give it a try. I wasn't a Flex or Java developer before I started DryerFox, and I had it up and running in a few days. I think that speaks volumes for the short learning curve.

  3. Consume some good espresso and good micro-brew (but not at the same time).

I hope to see you there. Drop me a note if you plan on attending.

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Busy, busy, so here's a timewaster ...

I've been swamped over the past couple of weeks, so I thought I'd post a re-run link to a video I made from the recent Red Bull Flugtag event in Vancouver.

I condensed the 3 hour event into a 3 minute music video. I still think the best vehicle was the giant boombox.

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Monday, May 7, 2007

I'd like to thank the members of the academy ...

There is DryerFox sitting at #6! w000000000000000000000000t! I rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nothing warms my heart more than the comments of “useless, but I like it!” or “There’s no sense in explaining it; suffice to say that it’s absolutely useless, but we just had to mention it.”

Hooray for pointless endeavors!

DryerFox even beat out Scout from Adobe Labs! (#9 on the list, and an excellent web developer tool in its own right. I used Scout to help me hack-out DryerFox).

It looks like my blog is getting quite a viewer spike from all of this. More than half of its traffic
ever is from the last 6 hrs.

[Update 2007/04/09] Wow. I've had nearly 3000 unique visits over the past 2 days. Way more than the 150 visits from the previous 2 months!